About us

Brysen Bert - Steady Metalworks

Achieving a Journeyperson status in the welding trade at the age of 21 along with Various certifications from the Canadian Welding Bureau, Brysen quickly advanced through his field to become a fabrication manager for a large company based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Growing up on the prairies and being an Avid outdoorsman inspired Brysen to combine his years of welding experience with his love for the wilderness. Brysen takes remnants of disregarded steel, conventionally viewed as an unsightly object, armed only with a wire feed welder and his knowledge of metallurgy, he creates stunning one of a kind metal artwork. With a burning passion to create, this led him to eventually resign from his management position to pursue his artwork as a full time profession. He started Steady Metalworks in 2015 to showcase his talents and ability to bring metal to life with his truly unique process. Steady metalworks eventually branched into more than just a place to showcase his metal art. He now creates Interior and exterior railings for homes and businesses, Laser cut metal signage for farms and storefronts as well as large scale metal fabrication. Brysen currently lives and works out of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan